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Scientists of the Future, is an educational program aimed to provide the same high quality level of education to all society. The program is organized in levels and the complexity of knowledge increases progressively, helping students to solve everyday problems using programming steps, that advance also helps them to develop logical thinking and approaching any problem like software engineers. The levels are planned and structured in modules and with our method students are encourage for acquiring a progressive knowledge.


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Why teach programming?

Education is an evolutionary and adaptive process in which changes constantly show up, any educational system experiences issues that probe if the way taken is effective or not, whether students learn about the subject in study or we have to look to another direction, etc. The comparison of educational systems with other countries is inevitable, such is happening now in some European cities like Madrid, where the subject Programming for secondary school children between 12 and 15 years, will be soon, mandatory.


As our world continues to evolve towards technology, educators are faced with the need to teach children not only the regular use of computers, but also to assemble (even build them) and program them. Recently a survey was conducted to 14,000 school teachers in the US by the Association of Teachers of Computer Science at the results; it was found that only 65% of respondents include some introductory course in computer science (that is far from programming).


To understand a little of what we talked about and its relation to the future of our children, the forecasts according Code.org in 2020 in the US will have a demand of more than 2 millions new jobs related to computer, against only 400,000 for specialized students in other areas; the need to teach our children the science of computing is obvious, currently 90% of schools in the US are not offering programming classes to students.

Goals of programming

The objectives of programming we have for children, is to develop their skills, help them solve problems logically and the application of sequences.


When programming is taught, we do not pretend that children will become in professional programmers at an early age. It means that we must give them basic structures of thought and skills to motivate themselves to build up their own knowledge. So it is a priority to teach children how to program, from a basic and visually point of view, without using a specific code, but through games that help them solve problems logically.


The essential basis of programming is learning to put things in a sequence. If we want children write a code, they will have trouble organizing a long chain of commands, but if they access a game, a dynamic or a story, the child can create and remember long and complex sequences. It is important to remember that the goal is not that children learn advanced programming. It is rather to encourage them to new ways of thinking.

Programming Tools

Programming develops children's creativity, encourages autonomy and decision making. Develop abstract thinking, due that they must be able to build anything from small parts. The program helps them improve their ability to analyze, locating errors.


For a programming tool become attractive to children, must have a pleasant setting and motivational elements that help them to maintain interest. Although teach programming is a difficult challenge, there are tools that can facilitate this task, to help children learn the basics of programming.


One of the most popular tools for teaching programming to children is Scratch, which according to its developers, fourth grade students in the United States (9 or 10 years), are starting to have convictions about their good and bad qualities in mathematics, science or technology. This confirms that to teach programming tools, should arrive before this stage of our children, in order to provide a comprehensive education in all subjects.

After teaching for over 20 years in Latin America and helped thousands of students to become professional in Computer Science; We have now a broad knowledge and experience in how to use the processes of teaching with success, through our educational system which constantly updated to elementary school children, leading them to acquire the necessary knowledge to venture into this science.


Some people think that the biggest problem is not the ability of children who from a very early age program home appliances, mobile devices, video games, etc. but the teachers, who are not updated and have no interest to become professional in the areas of computing, technology and languages. Our instructors are experts and well trained in IT, with an authentic concern in delivery a high quality education, helping children to understand the simple science of computing.


Our materials are created and adapted by professionals in educational fields and technology experts, aimed to improve the teaching-learning process through exercises, games and practical activities, without forgetting the basis and foundation of education spiral model.


Our system is adaptable to different teaching processes, starting with tutoring for before and after school programs, open events, camps, forums; and of course we are also ready with the complete programmatic content to be included in the curriculum of any elementary and high school.


If needed, we can hand out to parents the material with induction programming and we are also willing to dictate conferences to help them understand the computing curriculum.


Schools’ Principals and PTA's members, receive from us a summary of the main topics of the curriculum, where we include the student achievements in each course.


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