Spanish is the language of 500 million people, and is the second language of international importance.

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The material has been created with an adequate language for different levels and professions.


The system is very functional since students do not depend only on the textbooks but also on the exchange of listening, speaking, reading and writing exercises. The instructor´s computer and Interactive Multimedia Projector are used to solve practical workshops, as part of the method.

Learning Resources available with the program:

Interactive Method to Learn Spanish


Each module includes a textbook content, that presents a progressive order, resulting in the immersion of students in the language, from the first day of class. This material along with permanent support of the central office is available for our language instructors.

Beginners Level

Intermediate Level

Advanced Levels

Live online  support and personal guidance

Aprendo Español, is an interactive method to teach Spanish used and approved by many institutions. It comprises a series of learning modules aimed to two different markets:


Children 3 and 6 years of age (Preschool, Day Care Programas).

Children 7 and 12 years of age (elementary schools, after school programs, etc.).

Open Enrollement course (teenagers 13 years old or more).

Instructor’s essential preparation

Special training is offered to our instructors in the application of two major areas of the method:


Training on the appropriate use of resources: it involves the textbook management, teacher’s guide, interactive workshops, children´s songs and other interesting activities.



Special training to learn to handle groups and the development of their classes.


All our trained instructors are issued a certificate of accreditation that probes the special training on the teaching method Aprendo Español .

Laptop Computer

Interactive Multimedia Projector

Teacher’s Guide

Written and Audio exercises interactive CD.

Children´s songs CD.

Assistance is provided when the instructor requieres it, for a better performance. Our Educational Experts solve doubts about any content or technique to be applied.

Academic Control: Student´s progressive evaluations (partial and final tests), homework, review exercises, grade records, etc. are kept by the instructor.

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