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The purpose we have for children, through our programs “Geniuses at Work” and “Scientists of the Future” is to develop those skills needed to help them solve problems logically and to with application of sequences.


When programming is taught with our system, we do not pretend that children will become in professional programmers at an early age.


We mean “giving them the basic structures of thought and skills to motivate themselves to build up their own knowledge”.


So it is a priority to teach children how to program, from a visually and basic point of view, without using a specific code, but through games that help them solve problems logically.


The Data from the Bureau of Labor’s statistics shown that by the year 2020 there will be more than 1.4 million new jobs directly related to computer sciences, and the other hand there will be just 400,000 well trained students to fill these jobs.


According to code.org the requirements for computer jobs are growing at a pace two times the national average, of job growth.


Asicom, in order to decrease the unmet demand, makes available not just the first steps, but a progressive and complete educational project, for students of preschool and elementary levels. We also have programs to fulfil the needs of High Schools, Colleges and Universities.


This project focuses on training of your students, within your facilities; in all known computer programs, leaning on our contents developed (but tailored) in our “Geniuses At Work Program”, and code languages with all the contents we had considered in our “Scientists of the Future Program”.


Based in contracts where our services are explained in detail and having clear that the ownership of everything we provide and install remains ours, we are willing to provide:

The data network.

Desktop computers (as many as the number of enrolled students, in the largest classroom).


Laser printer.

Multimedia interactive projector.

IP camera for a frequent control over the Internet.

Speakers attached to a wireless microphone system.

Internet service.

We are totally in charge when it comes to evaluation, recruitment, training and payroll of the teachers; besides their supervision and coordination.


A Supervisor paid for us (as well as the teachers) is also assigned to your school, this professional takes care of the correct development of the computer training classes, the implementation, monitoring of the annual planning, thematic index, lessons plans, evaluation system, quizzes, homework, objectives exams and the appropriate use of Textbooks.


We handle professionally within the Computer Laboratory (in some cases more than one PC Lab, depending on the number of students enrolled in the school), the tailored contents agreed with our clients.


An annual tuition per student is set and it is the only charge you will have to hire our services, due that preventive and corrective maintenance of the desktop Computers (and of course their update of the software and hardware), peripherals, accessories and networks are included.

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